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2014 Kansas City Blues Rugby Club

Kansas City Blues Rugby at USA Rugby National Championship Series Round of Sixteen

Kansas City Blues Rugby Club
Head Coach

Markus Valovalo
Assistant Coaches
Ed Mills, Brodie Orth & Joe D'Agostino
Rachel King

Adio, Bayo
Agee, Brandon
Allen, Jay
Carrer,a Pablo
Clarke, James
Clough, Chaz
Cummings, Casey
Cummings, Marty
Curtis, Tim
D’Agostino, Joe
Eftink, Jim
Fitzmaurice, Adam
Foster, Nathan
George, Chris
Graves, Brian
Haider, Luke
Hartley, Erik
Heins, Dylan
Henson, Chuck
Hicks, Keith
Hildebrand, Zack
Hodges, Tyler
Hoover, Matthew
Christopher, Julius
Jackman, Steve
Kerr, Zack
Klinzing, Brian
Knutsen, John
Korte, Pat
McLeod, Jim
McAvoy, Scott
Mcdonnough, Conner
McFarland, Colin
Mercer, Kelly
Moore, Gannon
Murphy, Brendan
Murray, Sean
Mills, Ed
Orth, Ben
Orth, Brodie
Racule, Billy
Saunders, Lloyd
Schleper, Steve
Schwartze, Kevin
Scoma, Mike
Scott, Kenny
Smith, Conner
Spangler, Josh
Staab, Mike
Stayer, Devin
Stout, Jack
Sua, Ross
Tapia, jesse
Vogt, Jack
Winemiller, Jordan
Zillner, Zack

Allen, Jay

Name: Jay Allen
Nickname: J-Train
Occupation: Sales
Birthday: July 26, 1976
Ht/Wt: 5' 8"
Previous Clubs: none
First Year Playing Rugby: 2006
Position(s): Inside Center, 8-man, Prop?
Rugby Achievements: Back of the Year, Team MVP, Classic Eagles
Favorite Rugby Moment: Beating Glendale at Home.
Other: Helps coach youth rugby.

Conkey, Nate

Name: Nate Conkey
Occupation: Army Officer
Ht/Wt: 5' 10", 215lbs
Birthday: Feb 25, 1979
Previous Clubs: All-Army, Hudson Valley (NY), Fort Campbell (KY)
First Year Playing Rugby: 2004
Position(s): Primarily 12, 13; will play anywhere 10-15 and 2, 6, 7
Rugby Achievements: Coaching Men's Rugby at West Point, Captain of All-Army side, Selection for Combined Services Select sides
Favorite Rugby Moment: From a botched lineout, hitting a chip and chase over the forwards, collecting it off the bounce, and through 2 last defenders in for a try

Eftink, Jim

Name: Jim Eftink
Occupation: Attorney
Ht/Wt: 5'10" 195 lbs
Birthday: October 22, 1984
Previous Clubs: Saint Louis University RFC, St. Louis Ramblers RFC, University of Missouri RFC
First Year Playing Rugby: 2003
Position(s): Back row
Rugby Achievements: Captain of the Saint Louis University RFC in 2006-07; Voted MVP of Saint Louis University RFC in 2007
Favorite Rugby Moment: Scoring my first try with the Blues while playing my first game with the Blues in a league match

Fischer, Chris

Name: Chris Fischer
Nickname: Fish
Occupation: Production Manager/Lead Audio Technician for Harvest Productions Inc. We handle all Concerts, Theatre, Corporate Meetings/ and Event Needs.
Birthday: 4/21/1989
Ht/Wt: 6' 1" 230lbs
Previous Clubs: None
First Year Playing Rugby: Spring 2012
Position(s): Flanker, Hooker, Prop,
Favorite Rugby Moment: How I scored my first try the first game I ever played
Other: 3 Sport High school Athlete/ Others During Summer. Several District/Conference/State Honors. Graduated UCM with a Bachelor of Music Degree with an emphasis in Music Technology.

George, Chris

Name: Chris George
Birthdate: 10/3/83
Nickname: Bubba
Occupation: home builder/re-modeler, real estate agent
Ht/Wt: 6'1" / 200lbs
Previous Clubs: St. Louis University Rugby Club
First Year Playing Rugby: 2002
Position(s): flanker/lock
Rugby Achievements: Collegiate Western Select Side 2005-2006
Favorite Rugby Moment: Beating the Austin Blacks in Austin to qualify for the D1 Sweet 16 in 2010
Other: I coached highschool rugby at my alma mater, St. Thomas Aquinas from the program's inception in 2007, to 2011. The program has now established itself as one of the premier highschool rugby programs in the country with several appearances at Nationals and dozens of regional tournament victories. I am very proud to say I had a hand in starting such a successful program that has exposed the game of rugby to over 200 young men in its first 7 years.

Haig, Drew

Name: Drew Haig
Nickname: Young Blood
Occupation: Student
Birthday: 8/1/1992
Ht/Wt: 6'1"/188lbs
Previous Clubs: The Highschool(Ireland)
First Year Playing Rugby: 2005
Position(s): Wing/ Fullback
Favorite Rugby Moment: First start for D1

Hartley, Eric

Name: Eirik Hartley
Nickname: Little North
Occupation: Graduate Student
Birthday: 4/17/1986
Ht/Wt: 1.82m 84kg
Previous Clubs: The Highschool(Ireland)
First Year Playing Rugby: 2007
Position(s): 10-15
Rugby Achievements: Tasmon Makos wider training squad, All Air Force VXs, All Military 7s, Norwegian National XVs
Favorite Rugby Moment: Recently being selected to represent Norway for the upcoming 2012 Viking Tri-Nations against Denmark and Sweden in London
Favorite Rugby Moment: Brendon Murphy is the worlds most interesting man, seriously read his bio.

Jackman, Steve

Name: Steve Jackman
Nickname: Old Man
Occupation: Rugby Dirtbag
Ht/Wt: 6'0"/220lbs
Previous Clubs: Club Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina); K-State/Ft Riley (KS USA); Atlantic Side Syndrome (Ft Gulick, Panama); Kansas Jayhawks ( KS USA); Banco Nacion (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Northern Virginia NOVA (VA, USA); Ft Benning Cruise-a-Matics ( GA, USA); Nuerenburg (Germany); All Army (USA); Kansas City (KS, USA); KC Blues (MO, USA); Santboyana (Barcelona, Spain); Perpignan 3rd side (Perpignan, France) Poble Nou Enginyers (Barcelona, Spain); Basel (Basel, Switzerland); Guadalajara Rhinos (Guadalajara, Mexico); Mexico City Wallabies (Mexico City, Mexico); The Willing (everywhere);
First Year Playing Rugby: 1978
Position(s): Prop/Hooker
Rugby Achievements: Still playing
Favorite Rugby Moment: the next game
Other: The older I get, the better I was...

Kerr, Zack

Name: Zachary Michael Kerr
Nickname: Kerr (or just Zach)
Occupation: Inside Sales @ Midwest Block & Brick
Ht/Wt: 6’4 / 245lbs
Birthday: July 28, 1984
Previous Clubs: SMEast Lancers, KU Club
First Year Playing Rugby: Spring 2001
Position(s): 8-Man, Prop, (anywhere in the scrum you need me)
Rugby Achievements: Nationals 2011 (Elite 8), Man of the Match.
Favorite Rugby Moment: After taking a VERY CHEAP shot to the groin I took the penalty in for my first career try straight through the S.O.B who cheap shot me. And will never forget playing at Nationals in Chula Vista.
Other: There’s nothing better than a hard game of rugby followed by a cold beer with my teammates.

Klinzing, Brian

Name: Brian Klinzing
Nickname: BK
Birthday: 11-18-87
Occupation: High School English Teacher
Ht/Wt: 6'2" 195lbs
Previous Clubs: Hiram College Men's RFC
First Year Playing Rugby: 2007
Position(s): Lock
Rugby Achievements: Getting concussed by "The Muscles from Brussels".
Favorite Rugby Moment: Chula Vista Tournament with the Blues - 2012

McFarland, Colin

Name: Colin McFarland
Occupation: Banker
Birthday: 5/20/1982
Ht/Wt: 6'3; 265
Previous Clubs: Nope
First Year Playing Rugby: 2010
Position(s): Prop

Munninghoff, Eric

Name: Eric Munninghoff
Occupation: Sales Rep
Birthday: 3/09/1981
Ht/Wt: 6'1; 235
Previous Clubs: St. Louis University, S.L.O.B.S
First Year Playing Rugby: 1998
Position(s): Hooker
Favorite Rugby Moment: Stepping onto the pitch for my first Junior Blues match in 1998. 1999 High School National Championships in Provo, Utah and playing against Highland High School. SLU Rugby and the S.L.O.B.S. My first senior Blues match against KU in 2003. 3 seasons of Super League. Running out against Boston in Arrowhead Stadium in 2004. Beating Glendale at Swope Park in 2008. Beating Austin in the 80th minute to make the sweet 16. The 2011 Las Vegas 7s tour. Aspen Ruggerfest. Winning the 2012 Sweet 16 and being the first team in the USA to have 2 teams qualify to the Elite 8 in the same season. Allez Les Blue!

Murphy, Brendan

Name: Brendan J. Murphy
Nickname: "Potch"
Occupation: Attorney, Barbecue Law
Ht/Wt: 6'3"/195
Previous Clubs: Went to a couple practices at SLU, Ain't Sayin RFC
First Year Playing Rugby: Check
Position(s): Lock, Flanker, 8, Secret Inside Center
Rugby Achievements: Never been cut, not once.
Favorite Rugby Moment: Denver, five times.
Birthday: 09/18/1982
Other: I own a dog named "Cooper" and Jon Voight's LeBaron.

Potchad, Matt

Name: Matthew A Potchad
Nickname: Potch
Occupation: Logistics
Ht/Wt: 6'6" 275
Previous Clubs: Chicago Lions, College Rifles Auckland, KSU / Ft Rielly
First Year Playing Rugby: 2003
Position(s): lock, prop, 8, wing
Favorite Rugby Moment: 2004 Dream Team
Other: Can hold 12 donuts with no hands

Schwartze, Kevin

Name: Kevin Schwartze
Nickname: Schwartzey
Birthday: 11/02/1987
Occupation: Laboratory Technician
Ht/Wt: 6'5" 215lbs
Previous Clubs: KC Jr Blues
First Year Playing Rugby: 2005
Position(s): Lock (high school), Wing, Fullback
Rugby Achievements: Invited to Participate with Western 7s All-Stars (2012)
Favorite Rugby Moment: Winning the KC 7s Qualifier

Smith, Conner

Name: Conner Smith
Nickname: Smitty
Birthday: 8-16-1984
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Ht/Wt: 6'-0"/ 190
Previous Clubs: Kansas City Jr. Blues, Kansas State RFC
First Year Playing Rugby: 2000
Position(s): Scrum Half (early years) Outside Center (current)
Rugby Achievements: USA U19 Heart of Amerca All-Star 2001-2003, USA U19 Selection Pool 2003, USA Collegiate Heart of America All-Star 2003-2008, USA West All-Star Selection Pool 2006, 2007, Finished in Elite 8 USA National Championship 2012, US 7's Sweet 16 National Championship 2012. Kansas City Jr. Blues Captain 2002, 2003. Kansas State RFC Captain 2003-2008. Kansas City Blues Captain 2010, 2011, 2012.
Favorite Rugby Moment: I know this isn't kosher, but I have a few.

K-State favorite moment: For the first time in more than a decade, I was able to captain K-State to the Top 25 through crushing defeats of Oklahoma and Oklama State on back-to-back dates. In particular against Oklahoma, near our 22, there was a play where our team had broke the OU line. The OU defense recovered and stopped us just short of our 40, with quick loose forwards the ball was back through the hands with everyone on pace, we broke the defensive line again... again the OU defense recovered with us just past their 40. We spin the ball wide to the wing and he breaks on the side, dishes back into his inside and the ball goes through the hands of EVERY single man on the pitch. A switch from a Lock to a Wing back inside puts the ball between the posts. This was the first try of the day after we were pinned on our 22 and it set the tone for the weekend and our route to the Collegiate playoffs.

KC Blues favorite Moment:
Our 2012 Home Playoff win against the Austin Huns. Everything that it meant, and the crowd and support were the best I have ever experienced.

KC Blues 7's favorite Moment: Taking 1st Place in the Kansas City Qualifier tournament. This set the stage for our first birth in more than a decade to the 2012 US 7's National Championship.

Other: I grew up with a rugby ball in hand. I used to be on the pitch being taught how to pass the ball at the age of 3 by the KC Blues who are now 'Old Boys'. I'll never forget those days, and I cherish them. I like to believe the party doesn't start until I arrive.

Kansas City Blues Rugby Club